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    Our company has just begun to sell our products in the region of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Western Asia. We are inviting established distributors interested in joining with us to develop sales and distribution of our products to dealers, government agencies, and other outlets. If you are interested in joining our company, we are welcome to invite your company so please contact us. The requirements are:

1. Have an existing business, experienced with Paint or Interior Decorating Products.
2. Have an interest in our company and the ambition to positively promote quality products with us.
3. Desire to build a lawful and trustworthy business relationship with a long-term outlook.
4. Have reasonable resources and capital needed to import, store and sell products effectively.
5. To have a basic working knowledge of import and export trade requirements.


    Address: 4-1-12 Tsurumi Tsurumi-ku Osaka 538 Japan

    Phone: 81-6930-5010 

    Fax: 81-6939-1214

    E-mail:     subu_kihara@hotmail.com Email: Go to contact page contact us

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